Learning Labs

What are Learning Labs?

As we move towards reopening, with the challenges and opportunities in front of this, we’re convinced we’re going to be able to do more, reach more, do it sharper, do it healthier, and arrive at the end with a deeper sense of God’s goodness to us in Jesus if we do it together.  So for the next 3 months, we’re encouraging leaders to gather online – and where possible, in person – in Learning Labs.

These Learning Labs will be facilitated by an experienced and trained consultant, meet every 3 weeks and take biblical principles and practical tools that we’ll apply in peer groups to our own context.  For some that will be tweaking what was, for some it will be a more drastic revisioning, but for each of us, we want to start with considering the question – with where God has put us, with who God has given us to care for, how do we make disciples?

What do you do in the Learning Labs?

Each Learning Lab meeting of around 1.5 hours will be made up of 4-5 people, and will:

  • Start with the Word, prayer, and checking in to see how each other is going;
  • Sharing progress from the previous meeting and pressing issues/challenges;
  • Working through the latest area, focus or tool and discussing implementation for your context;

In between meetings, those in the Learning Labs will have access to the resources and team from Geneva Push & Reach Australia, to help them keep moving forward.

Session 1:


Session 2:

READJUST - Making the most of the current time

Session 3:

REALIGN / RELAUNCH - Building momentum, developing teams

Session 4:

IMPLEMENTATION - Enshrining Change

What’s the makeup of the groups?

We want to make sure we match you to a group that fits your context, so the form below will as you a bit about yourself and your church.  Each group will be:

  • Targeted towards pastors, equipping them to equip their teams;
  • Run from early June for 12 consecutive weeks (every 3 weeks) for 90 minutes in length each;
  • Be no more than 5 people in each group;
  • Facilitated on Zoom; 

These cost for these groups is FREE.  Ordinarily this would be $250 per person for the 4 sessions, but a generous donor has supported this project to help you relaunch.

What’s your next step?

Spots are limited in the Learning Labs, and there will be work to connect you with your group and set you up to make the most of your first meeting. Sign up using the form below: